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Have the best of Rwanda birding safari in just 12 days of exploring important bird areas, inclusive of Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Akagera National Park, Lake Kivu and more. Rwanda is an ultimate birding safari destination with more than 700 bird species all living in the various savanna, forest, wetland and swamp habitats.

Birds to expect to sight on 12 days Rwanda birding safari include fan-tailed widow bird, white belied robin chat, broad bill rollers, red chested flufftail, emerald spotted wood dove, malachite kingfishers, shoebill stork, long tailed cuckoos, mountain masked apalis, white headed hoopoes, secretary bird, collared pratincole, African wood owl, western banded eagles, etc.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Transfer to a hotel- birding safari

Upon arrival at Kigali, meet your birding tour leader in Rwanda for a warm welcome and later drive to the hotel for refreshments and overnight stay. For early arrivals, there will be a short Kigali city tour with an incredible chance to visit Kigali genocide site.

Day 2: Akagera NP, Birding tour

Akagera National Park is found in Eastern Rwanda and it will be your first birding destination. More than 500 bird species live in Akagera and they include Augur buzzard, cattle egrets, shoebill, sacred ibis, long crested eagle, black headed weavers, grey backed fiscals, Caruthers cisticolas, fan tailed widowbird, African harrier hawk, African fish eagle, squacco heron, bateleur and more. Enjoy an afternoon game drive with a chance to see wildlife and birds.

Day 3 to 4: Akagera National Park birding

Have 2 days of amazing birding expedition in Akagera National Park. You will drive via the savanna plains to sight birds such as shouldered robin chats, peal spotted owlet, etc. You will also have the best of Lake Ihema birding tour 2-3 hour with a chance to spot aquatic birds such as slender billed weavers, rufous bellied herons, blue cheeked bee-eaters, pied and malachite kingfishers, greater warblers, Senegal lapwings, black tern, greater swamp warblers, little bittern, African fish eagles, goliath herons, etc.

In addition to birds, Akagera National Park birding tour also lets you enjoy sight of wildlife such as elephants, impalas, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, lions, leopards and more.

Day 5: Nyungwe Forest National Park birding safari Rwanda

Have breakfast, after road trip to Nyungwe Forest in the Southern Province of Rwanda and a home to 310 bird species, these include Albertine rift endemic bird species and resident birds. The park’s special birds include Rwenzori turacos, black and white casqued hornbills, Rockefeller’s sunbird, Albertine owlet, blue headed sunbird, dwarf honeyguide, Neumann’s warblers, red collared babblers, grauer’s swamp warblers, Kivu ground thrush, shelley’s crimson wing, stripe breasted tit, regal sunbird, red faced woodland warblers, Rwenzori nightjars etc.

Day 6 to 7: Birding Nyungwe Forest

Enjoy two days exploring the Albertine rift endemic and resident birds in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Expected bird sightings include the purple breasted sunbird, Ruwenzori batis, Neumann’s short tailed warblers, white bellied robin chat, Kivu ground thrush, Rwenzori apalis, stripe breasted tit, Shelley’s crimson wing, regal sunbird, red collared babblers, chestnut owlet, archer’s robin chat, yellow eyed black flycatcher, Ruwenzori turacos, handsome francolin and more.

Day 8 to 9: Lake Kivu birding safari

You will have two days in Lake Kivu for birding tour and you will explore the island and its shores while sighting several birds. Lake Kivu birds include white breasted cormorants, osprey, pied kingfishers, double toothed barbet, little bee-eaters, yellow bellied waxbill, black headed heron, red chested sunbird, striated heron, Southern red bishop, bronzed manakin, sacred ibis, etc.

Day 10: Lake Kivu to Volcanoes NP

Drive for 1-2 hours up to Volcanoes National Park your next Rwanda birding safari destination and a home to 200 bird species. Established in 1925, Volcanoes NP is a rich home to birds such as Kivu ground thrush, strange weavers, Ruwenzori batis, archer’s ground robin, collared apalis, dusky crimson wing, Ruwenzori double collared sunbird, Ruwenzori turacos, francolins, red faced woodland warblers, etc.

Day 11: Birding in Rwanda Volcanoes NP

Get the best of Volcanoes National Park for full day with park guide. Expect to identify birds such as Ruwenzori batis, archer’s ground robin, collared apalis, dusky crimson wing, Kivu ground thrush, strange weavers, Ruwenzori double collared sunbird, Ruwenzori turacos, francolins, red faced woodland warblers.

Day 12: Departure

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, after exit Ruhengeri in a 4x4 safari vehicle back to Kigali city and catch up with your flight back home.

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