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Kampala, Uganda

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Man's closest cousins, the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Uganda. Mountain gorillas are one of the world's largest primate species and live in a secluded environment. They have exclusively settled in Africa's highlands, particularly near the lush Virunga tropical forests, which run through the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Rwanda, and the Republic of Uganda. Uganda is located in the east of Africa. Your safari will take you to one of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park's four sectors in the country's south western corner. The walk takes place in the early morning hours of the day, when the apes have just awoken and are looking for food. It's a road excursion that begins and ends in Entebbe.

Detailed Trip

Day 1: Pickup and Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

On this day, your safari will begin with a cup of coffee or a glass of juice from your driver guide at the agreed-upon meeting location. After that, relax in the comfort of your ship as the 9-11-hour cruise begins, with a lunch break en route. A chartered flight is a superior alternative because it is significantly faster. From the beginning to the end of the excursion, you will be treated to stunning vistas of rolling hills, lush flora, and pleasant weather. The locals will be waving enthusiastically in anticipation of your visit and time in Uganda, Africa's gem. You will arrive at your lodge in the park late in the evening for dinner and peaceful nap.

Day2: Gorilla tracking and Batwa pygmies cultural exchange

Start your day with a hearty breakfast at the lodge, then go gorilla trekking. The ranger guides will greet you at the park headquarters very early in the morning for paperwork verification and briefing. The trekking dos and don'ts will be explained to you at the briefing, and you'll be assigned to the gorilla family of your choosing, one with the features you don't want to miss. The journey lasts 1-6 hours and takes place in the middle of the jungle, with trees, monkeys, baboons, and other primates. It's on foot from where the Apes were last seen to where they're currently feasting, chilling, or playing in the tree branches. Gorillas are gregarious animals that live in groups and are led by a dominant male known as a silverback because of the silvery coating on his back. It will be time to go for lunch and some refreshment after the photo opportunity and asking the ranger guides questions about the Apes' lives.

Following that, you get see the Batwa pygmies, who are believed to be among the world's shortest people. The Batwa are former forest dwellers who lived in the Virunga network as hunters and gatherers. Interacting with them is enjoyable because you learn about forest stories and can listen to and dance to traditional melodies. Gifts, local projects, and the purchase of local souvenirs are all ways to contribute to their well-being. Dinner and a relaxing nap at the lodge are the perfect way to end the day.

Day3: Departure

Start your day with a hearty breakfast at the resort, then check out for a drive to Entebbe International Airport or Kigali International Airport in Rwanda for your flight. Spending the night in the colorful cities of Kigali or Kampala and flying the next day is a better option. You will have a halt at the Equator point for pictures and lunch while traveling the Kampala route. There are several souvenirs available for purchase. It is a dream come true.

End of safari

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