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Africa Birding Expeditions is a registered tours and travel company in Uganda with a head office in Kampala. We specialize in creating a memorable home away from home experience for all our clients, but mainly birding enthusiasts. We are here to redefine the story of African experience by giving you a novel perspective into the diverse cultures, life style and beauty, and wonder that is in Africa.

We offer customized safari packages for a wide range of budgets to East Africa’s top rated travel destinations with an expert twist. With a professional and passionate team in all things African Tourism, our birding safaris are top rated in the region, giving tourists unique insights into the over 1000 bird species in East Africa communicated in a deeply infectious manner that leaves you in awe and with a new found respect for these gentle vertebrates.

In addition to birding safaris, we also offer wildlife expeditions to the most magical places in East Africa. Whether you are looking to see the big 5 mammals, explore the Virunga ranges, admire sweeping Masai Maara plains, trek mountain gorillas, hike Mount. Kilimanjaro or get up close to the source of R. Nile, we will get you to all that and more.


To transform the landscape of tourism in Africa into experiences that serve the environment and humanity with respect, ultimately creating memories and experiences worth revisiting.


To become the center of excellence in everyday safaris in Africa, providing high value experiences tailored to suit all ranges of budgets in manner that equally serves local communities.


1. To create life-long positive and memorable experiences for all clients that is forever engrained in minds.

2. To conduct tours and safaris in a manner that puts Africa in the best possible light eliminating biases and dangerous stereotypes.

3. To strive and promote eco-tourism in East Africa by conducting tourism activities that keep the environment in its natural and protect wildlife.

4. To champion environmental conservation efforts through partnerships with and deliberate contributions to the relevant wildlife conservation bodies.

Core Values

1. Integrity

  • For the people: to ensure that in all that we do we aim at creating value for money, giving our clients top quality tourism experiences at unbeatable prices.
  • For the communities: to conduct safaris that serve local communities and do not derail them of their dignity.
  • For the planet: In all that we do, we take deliberate efforts to conserve the environment and protect wild life with a focus on habitat conservation

2. Empathy

We prioritize listening to our clients and portray an understanding of their needs by employing customer-centric decision making.

3. Commitment

With a passion for deep and productive work, we operate with a high level self-drive that guarantees excellent results.

4. Diversity and inclusiveness

We take pride in working with a dynamic and diverse team, bringing together a wealth of experience for top tier service.


Birding Safaris

High quality birding safaris to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are our specialty. An incredible birding experience calls for impeccable cautiousness as well as pristine logistical arrangements. At Africa Birding Expeditions, we guarantee a thrilling experience led by our knowledgeable and skilled guides in a range of habitats including national parks, wetlands, forest reserves, mountains and so much more. Our life changing safaris leave you more connected to nature with a new found fascination for birdlife.

Gorilla Permit bookings

Gorilla trekking permits are a must if you wish to undertake this grand activity. Gorilla trekking can be done in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Different countries charge various prices for the safaris. Rwanda Gorilla Permit is the priciest going for $1500 per person. It is the most ideal for tourists that wish to go for a luxury gorilla safari.

Gorilla permits in D.R. Congo are the cheapest going for about $450. In Uganda, they are also relatively cheap and can be acquires for close to $700 per person. Gorilla trekking permits sell out fast especially in peak months of June, July, August and December given the popularity of activity. Once you book a tour with New Africa Birding Safaris, you are guaranteed a gorilla permit.

Hotel bookings

Exploring hotels in a foreign country can be a strenuous activity. That is why ease the burden for our clients by recommending reliable accommodation hotels and also help them book their stay.

Car hire and Rentals

We offer a wide range of vehicle options including safari vans, 4x4 land cruiser, super customs and others to our clients for booking to any destinations for game drives and easier wild life viewing at the most affordable rates in the region.

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